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To Do List for May:

  1. Send assistive technology to be fixed/repaired

  2. Provide parents with camp information for students with disabilities when appropriate

  3. Prepare for August inservice trainings with teachers/campuses that will be getting a blind student.  Keep it short (30 minutes).  See this Sample Inservice done by a TVI in Arizona. 

  4. Meet/observe students you will be getting.

  5. Collect all the materials you handed out at the beginning of the year.  Work with the individual campuses to store larger items.  Make sure these items are clearly marked with your name, the student’s name, your email, and your phone number.   

  6. Return APH items that are not needed.  Go to and find the form that says APH Return Instructions.  Remember—do not hoard!  You don’t have the space. 

  7. It has been a busy year, and you have worked hard.  Now you deserve to treat yourself!  Find a day spa near you.

To register for conferences and events, click here to go to the Statewide Staff Development Calendar.