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To Do List for March:

  1. Many of your students would benefit from auditory textbooks to supplement print.  Check out the services of Learning Ally ( for information on registering students, equipment, and teaching ideas.
  2. Work with classroom teachers and school librarians to build a library of auditory reading materials (other than textbooks).  You can find many books on loan from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Talking Book Program
  3. Notify your instructional materials (textbook) coordinators of any accessible materials needed for next year. This includes braille, large type, auditory materials, and electronic materials.  Material orders are entered online from April-June.  There are two websites that educate you on accessible instructional materials: and  Any questions you have about this process should be directed to Tammy Torres (; 512-4753598) or Janet Warren (; 512-463-6849)

To register for conferences and events, click here to go to the Statewide Staff Development Calendar.