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To Do List for January:

  1. Make sure you know how statewide testing is going to be administered for your students and that the testing coordinator on each campus knows what accommodations are for their VI students.  Familiarize yourself with the TEA document written for testing coordinators, Acc-Brl and LP Statewide Assess.
  2. Start preparing for spring ARD meetings.  Not sure what a PLAAFP is?  Go to this link for a really good Q&A document that will outline everything you ever wanted to know about IEP Annual Goal Development
  3. IEP Annual Goal Development
  4. Check into the TSBVI site called Resources for the Expanded Core Curriculum (RECC) for all kinds of materials and media to support teaching your VI students.
  5. January is the month the TSBVI Outreach Program conducts the Annual Registration of Students Who Are Visually Impaired for the TEA.  This VI Registration is used as a data source to generate Federal Quota funds.  Go to Annual Registration and follow the instructions for completing the annual registration. Students who are deafblind should also be included in the Deafblind Child Count.

To register for conferences and events, click here to go to the Statewide Staff Development Calendar.