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To Do List for December:

  1. Take a deep breath; it is almost time for a break.
  2. For secondary students, check to see if there will be a schedule change for the spring
  3. Meet with any new teachers to discuss:  student classroom accommodations, times to observe/work with student, special materials/books/optical devices
  4. Check your Student Evaluation Dates sheet and prepare for any FVE/LMAs that are due in the spring
  5. Perform a mid-year check for low vision students to see if appropriate accommodations are available to them.  Use the Vision Ergonomics document to guide your observations
  6. Look at the TSBVI Short Term program classes calendar to see if any of these might be relevant to your students
  7. Check with your special education director to see if (s)he has received an email with instructions on completing the VI Registration and Deafblind Census.  Help provide information for this.  Refer to VI Registration Screenshots Narrative 2012 and Instructions Annual VI Registration for information.

To register for conferences and events, click here to go to the Statewide Staff Development Calendar.