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To Do List for September:

  1. Provide an enlarged/brailled copy of course schedule to middle/high school students who need this

  2. Observe students in their classrooms/gym/cafeteria/playground (Classroom Observation Form for VI and MIVI)

  3. Begin to plan out dates/times for conducting necessary FVE/LMA evaluations

  4. Look at TSBVI Outreach Catalog of Services and Supports for workshop/conference topics and dates

  5. Contact your Education Service Center VI consultant for meeting schedule and local workshops

  6. Set up a system for braille transcription (

  7. Talk with teachers about curricular topics and order any supporting materials from APH

  8. Call each student parent to introduce yourself and conduct a brief parent interview

  9. Prepare a student notebook with a tab for each student (Student Information Template, List of Documents to Place in a Student's Folder, VI Service Monthly Report).

  10. Begin to prepare lesson plans for students receiving direct VI instruction

  11. Develop a system to organize your car, files, materials (e.g., Contact log, VI Monthly Service Report)

  12. Register for a Mentor Center if you are a protégé.

To register for conferences and events, click here to go to the Statewide Staff Development Calendar.