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To Do List for October:

  1. Meet with co-worker or mentor to review district ARD protocol and necessary ARD paperwork for VI students.

  2. Meet with co-worker or mentor to review process for completing progress reports on students.

  3. Write down and distribute (to assessment personnel/nurses/related service personnel) a process for receiving and making new referrals ( Sample Statement of Eligibility for VI).

  4. Put together your Functional Vision/Learning Media Assessment Kit.

  5. Review sample FV/LMA protocols that will help you conduct these assessments (FVE & LMA protocols, recommendations for improving LMA, recommendations for improving FVE, 2-3 Year Old Checklist).

  6. Make sure statewide assessments have been ordered if alternate formats are needed by students. Familiarize yourself with allowable  accommodations for students with disabilities, which can be found on the very informativeaccommodations triangle.

  7. Ask your district COMS if you could observe a lesson with your students who receive this service.

  8. Find out from COMS what their referral process is.

  9. If your district uses the PDAS to evaluate your performance, share the PDAS Companion for VI Professionals (TVIs) and/or the PDAS Companion for VI Professionals (COMS) with the administrator evaluating you.

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