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Included with the AGC:

  • AGC, Magnification, and Use with Screen Readers
  • Getting Started with the Accessible Graphing Calculator
  • The Accessible Graphing Calculator (AGC) Manual

Downloading the AGC:

  • Go to the ViewPlus Technologies website
  • Click on Products tab
  • Click on Software tab
  • Click on Find out more about AGC
  • Click on Download a Free 30-day Trial of the AGC Download Now

    This is a fully functional copy of AGC that can be used for a 30-day free trial period. After a period of 30 days, users may continue to use it by purchasing a registration license. To upgrade an older version of AGC, uninstall it from your computer and install this newer version. It is important to have a copy of the registration name and number before upgrading, because the upgrade must be registered when running it for the first time. The registration name and number can be found in the "about" item in the help menu. We strongly recommend making a copy of the registration name and number before uninstalling a licensed copy of AGC for any reason.

  • Follow the on-screen directions.
  • To produce a tactile graphic using swell paper and a tactile imaging machine, you will need to have a BrailleKiama (1 st choice) or other Braille font installed on your computer. (This does not include SimBraille.)