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This magnifier unit is designed to pique the interest of the kindergarten-junior high student with low vision, teach concepts which may be incomplete due to the sensory deficit, and provide extended activities in an effort to challenge children and expand the transfer of magnifier skills.  The magnifier(s) recommended for these activities include any combination of a hand held magnifier (preferred), stand magnifier, or microscopic lenses.  The ultimate goal of magnifier use is increase the student’s access to the wide array of visual materials, including objects, pictures, and print.

Fun with Magnifiers is divided into 8 stand-alone units that can be taught by teachers of students with visual impairments, classroom teachers, and/or parents.  Since some children are sensitive to being the only child using a magnifier in their classrooms, these units might be more successful if arranged in a learning center for all classmates to use.  Other alternatives might involve having the student present a completed unit project of his/her choice to the class or to a class of younger students during a science lesson.  Each unit includes optional activities that are designed to provide enrichment and higher order cognitive skills.  Please note that some of the units involve using print books/materials to help classify objects.  The intention of using actual books (rather than a website) is to provide further experience with print size, contrast, color, and photos.  

Download Fun with Magnifiers (Word or PDF)