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This program requires Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 (see note), or Windows XP (see note). Download the following 3 files to 3 separate floppy disk labeled 1, 2, and 3.


This tutorial WILL NOT work on 64-bit Vista or Windows 7.


Put the disk labeled #1 into your disk drive and

  • Select Run ... from the program manager's File Menu (Window's 3.1) or from the Start Menu (Window's 95).
  • type a:\setup.exe into the box labeled "Command Line" (Window's 3.1) or "Open" (Windows 95) and then press Enter.
  • The default directory is c:\rdimath, but coy can choose an alternate location.
    • If you install to a directory other than the default, you must make one manual change after installation...
    • Open Notepad
    • Load the file mother.ini, which is stored in your \windows subdirectory during installation
    • Locate the lines at the beginning of the file
    • change c:\rdimath to the drive and directory you chose during installation
    • Save the file
    • Quit Notepad.

Notes on Work Around Procedures for Use of the Computerized Nemeth Code Tutor in Windows 98

Unfortunately, a problem has arisen in the operation of the Computerized Nemeth Code Tutor in Windows 98 and Windows ME. When you click on buttons for exercises, you get an error box that has the message, "cannot find next question." At this point, you should click "OK." Then the exercise screen appears. The first question appears partially obscured by a white rectangle. At that point, you should click "next" on the menu. Then the rectangle disappears and you can proceed from there. Each and every time you move to a new exercise, you must follow these procedures.

Notes for Use of the Computerized Nemeth Code Tutor in Windows 2000 and XP

With Windows 2000 and XP, everything works beautifully again until you get to the proofreading questions. You can read the print problem, but the braille version, that you are to proofread, will not appear on the screen. You will need to work these as "braille to print" questions.

Setup Disk 1
Setup Disk 2
Setup Disk 3 (All three files.)