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A new teacher of the visually impaired writes: How do you teach Nemeth?

Susan replies: Here is an outline of how I believe in Teaching Nemeth Code

A. Long Term

  1. Ideal learning environment - The braille reader learns each new
    Nemeth symbol as the print math symbol is introduced in each sequential math
    course from elementary to middle to high school to adulthood from their
    math/vi teacher.
  2. Next to ideal and more realistic - The braille reader learns each
    new Nemeth symbol prior to being taught the print math symbol in each
    sequential math course from their VI teacher. As the student matures, and
    if a braille textbook is provided, the student can anticipate the new symbol
    on their own by reading ahead. The student should also be encouraged to be
    their own self-advocate.
  3. Newly blinded young adult or Adult who is new to Nemeth -
    1. Have the student begin to learn or review literary braille if
      necessary. Then slowly introduce Nemeth as they take an abacus class.
      Following this, have them go into slightly more difficult math class(es) and
      continue progressing to the level desired.
    2. Have the student fall back one semester or a year from their
      present math level. Let them review (for one semester or a year) the math
      concepts they know in print, while the VI teacher teaches them how to
      replace the print with Nemeth.

B. Short Term

  1. Nemeth Code Class
    1. Teacher follows Craig or RDI tutorial sequence
    2. Supplement with excellent tactile graphics
    3. Use assessment release or practice tests in braille
    4. Personalize for their needs
  2. On Their Own
    1. Resource books from APH
    2. Craig book
    3. Nemeth Code Reference Sheet in braille
    4. Other Ways to Learn Nemeth Code
    5. Local college course
    6. Online course
    7. Local tutors who are blind and know Nemeth