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The AFB Textbooks and Instructional Materials Solutions Forum has five work groups with specific goals and objectives.  The focus of the Production Work Group is to identify the processes involved in the production and dissemination of textbooks  and instructional materials in specialized media needed by students who are visually impaired.  This work group will recommend  guidelines and strategies for acceptable quality braille transcriptions; appropriate adaptations of materials for producing  textbooks to ensure they are educationally sound for visually impaired students; and eliminating duplication of efforts.

The Production Work Group identified the need for a national review of the issues associated with the production of accessible materials.   The production survey will assist in long-range planning recommendations to improve production and acquisition of specialized textbooks and instructional materials for students with visual impairments.  The survey has six areas:   general information, organizational structure, current sources of textbooks and instructional materials, production of textbooks and instructional materials, dissemination, and evaluation of services.   In the final report, we will not be identifying individual states and their responses, but rather encourage new thinking of how states can create better policies and processes for the future as it relates to the production of textbooks and materials.

A final report will be developed in October, 2000.  The report will supply general information to encourage states to create better policies and processes for producing textbooks and other instructional materials in accessible media.