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American Foundation for the Blind
Textbooks and Instructional Materials Solutions Forum

Statement of Purpose:

The Legislative and Policy Making Work Group is primarily concerned with the analysis and development of public policies impacting upon the Solutions Forum’s goal of ensuring equal access to the printed word, and more specifically, to the full range of educational materials. This work group is the Forum’s point of contact for on-going efforts among representatives of the publishing industry, blindness advocacy organizations and the National Library Service to assess the feasibility of establishing a national repository for standardized electronic files. Additionally, this work group will serve as a mechanism to package and present the Solutions Forum’s outcomes for future advocacy efforts.

Activity Areas:

  1. Participate in negotiations with the publishing industry: Organizations in the blindness field, in conjunction with the National Library Service (NLS), are working in collaboration with the publishing industry to test the feasibility of a national repository for publishers' electronic files.

  2. Gather information and relevant data for use in future advocacy efforts

  3. Maintain updated information on state legislation relating to braille literacy and/or production of Textbooks and Instructional Materials in specialized media

  4. Communicate with the Software and Information Industries Association (SIIA) regarding their collaboration in the Solutions Forum

  5. Develop public information for the Solutions Forum Column in JVIB.

Long-Term Activities:

  • Determine if public policy can be designed to encourage more states to ratify state adoption of textbooks.

  • Review with WGBH multimedia guidelines.