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  • Why is this picture/map/figure important?
  • What are the most important elements to communicate?
  • Who will use this material?
    • age group
    • mental and/or physical condition
    • students ability or experience with reading graphics
  • How will this figure be used?
    • with or without help from a sighted teacher
    • with other children who are sighted or blind
    • with actual concrete objects
  • Where will the material be used?
    • in a classroom setting
    • at home for leisure reading or games
    • as part of a test instrument
    • as an orientation map
  • How will the map be produced?
    • to be used for one copy, one time
    • to be used as a master from which many copies can made

Source: American Foundation for the Blind Braille Literacy Mentors in Training: The Next Generation - Teaching Special Codes: Nemeth, CBC, and Tactile Graphics - Workshop in Fremont, California (August 7-9, 1997) and Atlanta, Georgia (September 11-13, 1997). Diane Spence and Susan A. Osterhaus