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Thermoformed Tactile Graphics


American Thermoform Corporation
1758 Brackett Street
La Verne, CA 91750
Phone: 800-331-3676 or 909-593-6711 FAX: 909-593-8001
ZY-FUSE Standard, ZY-TEX paper, and thermoform machines.


Region IV Education Service Center
Computer Braille Center
Diane Spence, Coordinator
7145 West Tidwell
Houston, TX 77092-2096
Phone: 713-744-8144, FAX: 713-744-8148

producer of Nemeth Code and tactile graphics materials including textbooks and standardized assessments


Region 20 Education Service Center
Braille Department
Robert D. Walling, Coordinator
1314 Hines Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78208-1899
Phone: 800-514-9310, FAX: 210-370-5696
producer of Nemeth Code and tactile graphics materials including textbooks


Visual Aid Volunteers
Elizabeth C. Gross, Chairperson
617 State Street
Garland, TX 75040
Phone: 214-272-1615
producer of Nemeth Code and tactile graphics materials including textbooks

Tactile Graphics Using Swell/Capsule/Flexi-Paper

Vendors for Heat Machine and Paper

American Thermoform Corporation
2311 Travers Avenue
City of Commerce, CA 90040
Phone: 800-331-3676, FAX: 213-728-8877
Swell-Form Graphics Machine, Swell-Touch Paper, and thermoform machines.


HumanWare, Inc.
6245 King Road
Loomis, CA 95650
Phone: 800-722-3393, FAX: 916-652-7296
Pictures in a Flash (PIAF), "capsule" paper.


JP Trading, Inc.
300 Industrial Way
Brisbane, CA 94005
Phone 415-468-0775/6
FAX: (415) 469-8038
Matsumoto's Stereo Copying System and capsule paper.


Repro-Tronics Inc.
75 Carver Ave.
Westwood, NJ 07675
Phone: 800-948-8453, FAX: 201-722-1881
Tactile Image Enhancer, thermo paper, flexi-paper, and other tactile image enhancement products.


Gloria Bennett
TSBVI Learning Resource Center
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1100 West 45th Street
Austin, TX 78756
Phone: 512 206-9234


1149 South Campus Courts, Bldg. E,
Purdue University,
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1149
Phone: (765) 496-2856
FAX: (765) 494-0239
TAEVIS Online is an electronic library containing over 2,500 tactile diagrams used by students at Purdue University. The diagrams, redrawn to tactile specifications, are created from college-level course material and can be used to transmit visual information such as that found in graphs, chemical structures, and biological drawings.

Computerized Tactile Graphics

Blazie Engineering
1095 E. Jarrettsville Rd.
Forest Hill, MD 21050
Phone: 410-893-9333
FAX: 410-836-5040
E-mail: .

Graph-it (a program which allows you to use your Braille printer, in conjunction with your PC, Braille 'N Speak, Type 'N Speak, or Braille Lite, as a graphing calculator), refreshable braille, scientific calculator.


ViewPlus Technologies
1853 SW Airport Rd.
Corvallis, OR 97333
Ph: (541) 754-4002
Fx: (541) 738-6505 Website:
TIGER Advantage - Tactile graphics and braille embosser with network capabilities.


Source: Susan A. Osterhaus, Teaching Math to Visually Impaired Students Home Page, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Austin, Texas.