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The catalog of products for the visually impaired and hard of hearing.

LS&S specializes in products for the blind, visually impaired, deaf, and hard of hearing. Here you will find a great collection of low vision aids, hearing helpers, daily living aids, and information designed to help you or a loved one regain independence. Adjusting to life-altering changes can be difficult, but in the case of vision or hearing loss LS&S can help you find useful products that will make a difference in your life.


Orion TI-36X, Talking Scientific Calculator

Item #: 241002

Price: $249.95

This modified Texas Instruments calculator is based on the TI-36. It has all the mathematical features of the TI-36, but it has also been enhanced for greater usability. Mathematical functions include 127 scientific functions including one and two variable statistics and trigonometry. Usability features include special ergonomic design, high quality natural speech, speech playback when each key is pressed, repeat playback, rechargeable battery with 6 hours of operation, and a learning mode function to help locate and confirm keys. Includes AC adapter and charger, earphone, and instructions in large print, cassette, and disc for screen readers. One year warranty.


8 Digit Talking Calculator

Item #: 6638

Price: $13.95

Low vision calculator with tilt display features a high contrast, multi-colored keyboard and 5/8" LCD display digits. Calculator has standard mathematical calculations and is solar powered, with battery back up. Calculator measures 5" high and 6-7/8" wide.


Large Magnetic Numbers

Item #: 471005

Price: $12.95

These bright colored, extra large (2.5") letter and number magnets are a great way to introduce children to the alphabet and numbers. With their large size, children learning basic skills can have tactile feedback and can trace the shape of the letters with their hands. 42 pieces, either set. Math Symbols


Number Braille Blocks

Item #: 451015

Price: $18.95

These wooden blocks are a great way to introduce a child to Braille. They're also colorful and fun for the sighted child. Child can trace the print letter tactually or feel it in Braille. Alphabet has 27 blocks and includes numbers. Math set has 16 blocks. (Math Blocks)


Time Timer Audible 6 inch timer

Item #: 471014

Price: $34.95

Great audible and visible 8" timer is a wonderful timing and teaching aid. Helps teach the concept of time as well as time management. Red indicates the remaining time. Alarm sounds when time is up.


Wikki Sticks

Item #: 803

Price: $4.95

Bright, flexible, bendable pieces that adhere to almost any surface. Shape and re-shape them to demonstrate shapes of continents, letters, animals, or even basic circle and squares. Basic Package: 48 8" pieces in primary colors and black and white.