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By Kenyetta Kinney, Student, Coolidge, Texas

Editor's note: Ann Rash, VI Outreach Education Specialist and Programming Editor for SEE/HEAR brought this article to our attention. This article was written last year when Kenyetta was in a combined class of 2nd and 3rd graders. Her vision difficulty is secondary to her primary diagnosis of MS, multiple sclerosis. We appreciate Kenyetta's willingness to share her feelings with the readers of SEE/HEAR.

Hi, my name is Kenyetta Kinney. I am a third grader at Coolidge Elementary School in Coolidge, Texas. I am in a 2/3 (second- and third- grade) class and I also go to special classes for Reading and Math. I go to P. E., Music, and Computers. We also have lunch, recess, and sometimes we have pep rallies. I like school.

Sometimes I have bad days and good days and so-so days. This is because I am not seeing so good. I have people who come see me. They help me and teach me to get around safe.

When I have a good day I can see very good, and I can get around good all by myself. When I have a so-so day I have somebody help me to get around safe. When I have bad days I use sighted guide to get around safe. Sighted guide is when I have to hold on to somebody's arm to get around.

In the classroom I use all kinds of things to help me on all my different days. On a good day the teachers blow up my work to make it bigger. On my so-so days I use my magnifying glass and my CCTV. A CCTV blows up my work, and I look at it on a TV screen. On my bad days my teachers help me practice getting around safe, and we talk through my work instead of writing. I work very hard on all my different days.

I have to take medicine every morning and at night, and I have to take a shot every Friday. The medicine has a bad taste, but the shot doesn't hurt. I don't like taking medicine, but the doctor says I have to take it. We have to go all the way to Fort Worth to see the doctor. My mom takes me, and we always stop and get chicken on the way home. Sometimes I have to go to another doctor for my eyes. He is in Corsicana. I think I have about forty doctors sometimes.

I have a bunch of special teachers who come and work with me. I go to Speech with Ms. Tooke. She reads books to me, and I talk to her. Mary Ann and Ms. Bunch come to see me. They help me work on feeling things and listening. Tonya and Rhonda come and work with me on sighted guide and asking for help when I need some. Debra comes to my house and is going to teach me how to cook spaghetti. She also brought me a talking clock so I can know what time it is. Sometimes people come and visit for only one day. They watch me and work with me for that day. I like it when all of them come to visit.

I'm really like everyone else. I just have trouble seeing sometimes, and I need some help. Most days I just like being with my class. Sometimes I think that everybody worries about me too much, but I know they love and care for me. All the attention bothers me sometimes, and I get embarrassed. That's OK. I have a lot of jobs. I'm a girl, a lady, a person, a big sister, a daughter, a student, and a kid…I just don't see good some time.