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Welcome the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired braille book download page. We have over700 books in a variety of file formats. Many books are available in contracted and uncontracted braille.

Searchable Card Catalog for downloadable braille books.

Need Help downloading and embossing files

Guide to Files and Extensions

  • Files are single-sided; there are no known interpoint files.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the files for download are contracted (grade 2) braille. Do not translate; these files are already translated and ready to print on a braille embossser - 40 characters per line.
  • Files in the form (filename followed by the numeral 1) are files in uncontracted (grade 1) braille. These may have .abt, .brf, .dxb, or .meg extensions (.xxx).
  • Accelerated Reader books are noted in the information about the book. If any of the titles are mismarked, please send an email to Jim Allan and tell him if the book should or should not be on the list.
  • .abt - Edit-PC or Braille2000 files
  • .brf - embosser-ready files
  • .dxb - Duxbury files
  • .meg - Megadots files


Further reproduction or distribution of these materials in other than specialized format is prohibited.

The books below are NOT proofread for content or formatting. They have been voluntarily given to the school and are presented as is for your use.

If you correct or clean-up any of the books, please send the corrected file to . All braille readers will thank you!!!

Many THANKS!!! to the volunteer teachers, braillists and others who send the book files, scan, direct enter, format, convert, etc., etc., so students can have dots under their fingers. They are truly unsung HEROES.