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Self Determination Daily Dozen Do's and Don'ts
Engage your child in daily family contributions and  responsibilities (chores, timelines, etc.). Hold back on giving your child responsibilities.
Give your child daily opportunities to make choices, so they will understand strengths and needs. Make all your child’s decisions.
Teach your child about his/her needs related to visual impairment. Shelter your child from who they are.
Allow your child to experience natural consequences for poor choices as well as good choices. Be afraid to let your child make a poor choice (unless it’s unsafe to your child or others).
Teach and encourage your child about planning for the future: next day, next year, summer, “What do you want to do in 1 year to post school? Underestimate your child’s ability to think about and make plans for his/her future.
Help your child find opportunities to earn money. Assume that your child is too young or incapable to earn money.
Take your child shopping and give guidance on how to manage money. Miss out on opportunities for your child to have experiences with money.
Help your child be involved with health medical care. Underestimate your child’s ability to talk about and ask questions regarding his/her health.
Help your child explore hobbies and leisure activities that interest him/her, as well as clubs and organizations. Try to limit your child’s interest based on his/her abilities.
Teach your child about age appropriate sexuality and safety precautions. Assume your child is not interested or worried about sexuality just because he/she hasn’t asked you questions.
Help your child learn about community supports that are available to him/her now and in the future. Wait too long to explore community supports and resources because you think your child may not need them.
Teach your child about changing technology applications and corresponding safety. Assume that your child is incidentally learning and applying new technology and safety skills.

Compiled by Judy Babcock, William Daugherty, Tara Fusilier, Fred Martinez, Lauren Newton, Juan del Rosario, Olga Uriegas -Texas Advisory Committee for the Education of Students with Visual Impairments ~ October 2012