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NOTE: This page to be unpublished, 17-Feb-2020.

Hi folks...

I am on a mining expedition...all of you have useful and ACCESSIBLE websites that you use while teaching your students. I am requesting that you seen me the URLs (and what ever annotation as it relates to content and accessibility you care to provide). Results appear below.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

Request for Accessible Websites

Please send your name, where you teach, the accessible URL, the subject and any annotations you may have to

Accessible websites by Subject

  • Louis Braille Center 
    The Louis Braille Center offers a collection of Braille literature that warms the heart and turns the mind toward the Light. Online catalog features biographies of Louis Braille, books by Helen Keller, inspirational and devotional books, poetry, children's classics, books for learning Braille.
  • Talks on Mathematics and Logic
    A website that offers words, sounds and (sorry) images to make understanding and explaining mathematics and its rule-based thought easier and cleared. The Leading online chapters from books on Pattern Based Reason and Three Skills for Algebra use words to explain basic ideas. Here is a way to meet mathematics with a minimal dependence on symbols if you have software able to read text online.
  • Speech Friendly Search Engines
    17 search engines that have a form line for text input.
  • Dictionary - word definitions
    Outspoken/Mac/Netscape Options on Netscape: uncheck Auto Load Image (this replaces graphics with an icon) entry word box is at the top of the page. The dictionary search produces definitions from several dictionary sources and is presented in an easy text viewing field. In definitions additional links are indicated as well as additional URLs to link to for research information.
  • Shakespeare's Word Glossary
    Simple A to Z word list of Shakespeare's Vocabulary. Text page.
    Use Find Command on Computer: Mac Open Apple F PC Ctrl F
    Outspoken on Mac: Read dialogue box features
    1. Type to search letter heading A to Z hyphen hyphen space letter space hyphen hyphen (outspoken reads hyphen as a dash) or Type: vocabulary word to look up
    2. Mark button for direction of search forward - down backward - up Outspoken use keypad Select Key to choose buttons.
    3. Select Find Button Outspoken select key or Computer Return/enter Key as find is the default button.
  • World 91 Counties Online: Information from Federal Research Division
    Excellent TEXT information on 91 countries from the Library of Congress Country Studies Handbook. Check the research completed date for timeliness of data.
    When country is selected a very nice search for data entry box appears at the top of the page, a table of contents for information about the country follows.
    Netscape: Options - uncheck Auto Load Images
    Search the Country Studies: Outspoken 1.75 - When pointer is at search selection button: Hold option and outspoken keypad up direction key 2 times - then select. This places writing cursor inside the entry box.
    Outspoken 1.75 on Mac:Home Page Hold Shift and outspoken keypad direction keys: when you get to Search or Browse select one.
  • SAT Test Question of the Day
    The SAT question for the day is a practice activity for taking the SAT test and gives the student an opportunity to ask for a hint, submit their choice, try again, or ask for correct answer.
    Netscape: Option uncheck Auto Load Image
    Outspoken Version 1.75 for Mac: The selection circles are not picked up by Outspoken. To select the circle place the "pointer" to the RIGHT of the period (outspoken says: 1 period). To select circle Hold Option and push Outspoken right arrow key 2 times on keypad. This will move pointer into the circle. To choose - push Outspoken Select on Keypad.
  • Rock and Minerals by Name
    Text description of the properties of minerals by name selected from A to Z. Learn the physical characteristics of minerals. Site gives minerals classification by class and groupings.
  • Books Read on the Internet
    HarperAudio: spoken-word cassettes 32 authors books are presented in audio - radio on the internet.
    Audio-file Format FAQ's
    Netscape: Options uncheck Auto Load Images and save options change.
    Outspoken/Macintosh: for reading in columns - hold down Shift with keypad direction keys for up/down/left/right.
  • Christian Science Monitor
    One of the most speech-friendly newspapers, choose the text-only link.
  • New York Times Text Version
    The  is also quite speech-friendly for the most  part.  You will have to have a userid, but it is free.