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Consult with VH teacher or consultant FIRST

Consult with Parents

OBSERVE the student in a variety of situations

Establish Rapport:

  • tone of voice, clothing,
  • tactile defensiveness
  • environment

Provide Optimal Conditions:

  • Lighting - Low/high, direct/indirect, Diffuse/intense, shade
  • Medium - Large print, Braille, Oral, Regular print with low vision aids
  • Limits - Fatigue factor, breaks, time to examine materials/room


  • Use tray to hold objects and define area
  • Use REAL objects whenever possible

Administration and Scoring:

  • PUSH limits on verbal subtests
  • DO NOT REPORT SCORES on performance subtests
  • Interpret with CAUTION

Compiled by - Nan Bulla, M.Ed. Educational Diagnostician, Texas School for the Blind 1988/89