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From: NAVPI newsletter - Awareness - Summer 97
What is a Story Box? pages 24, 25
Do It yourself Hands-On Storytime Storyboxes: A Hands-On Literacy Experience
compiled by Norma M. Drissel, teacher Perkins School for the Blind

A story box is a way for young children with visual impairments to experience a story. When selecting a story for you child, choose one that is simple and tells about familiar objects and concepts. Collect corresponding items in a box or bag. As you read the story to you child, allow him/her to hold the item. The number of items and complexity of the story should be suited to your child. Often, simple is better. Enjoy!

Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault, National Braille Press, Simon & Schuster, (Print/Braille)
Contents Magnetic Braille Alphabet, Drum, Coconut

Jennifer's Messes, by Suzette Wright, American Printing House for the Blind.
Contents: Cheerios, Barrettes, (2) Coins, Comb, Pencil, Keys, Doll, Pretzel

Giggiy-Wiggly, Snickety Snick, by R. Supraner, Parents' Magazine Press.
Contents Hard, Soft, Bumpy, Smooth, Tickly, Sharp, Sticky, Stretch, Cold, Hot, Crunchy, Squishy, Fluffy, Curly, Straight.

Good Night, Everyone! By H. Ziefert, Little, Brown & Co.
Contents Stuffed Animals (Bear, Monkey, Mouse, Lamb).

Hello Kitty's Bedtime Search, by S. Bright, Random House.
Contents Socks, Necklace, Tee Shirt, Blanket, Teddy Bear.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, By Laura Joffe Numeroff, Harper & Row.
Contents Cookie, Cup, Milk Container, Straw, Mirror, Scissors, Dustbroom, Sponge, Blanket, Pillow, Crayons, Tape, Paper

Listen to the Rain, by Bill Martin Jr, National Braille Press, Albert Whitman & Co., (Print/Braille)
Contents Tape of Rain Sounds, Raincoat, Boots.

Not Yet, Yvette, by Hellen Kettemen, National Braille Press, Holt Co., (Print/Braille)
Contents Bowl, Cake Pan, Balloon, Cups, Plates, Forks, Scissors, Gift Wrap, Streamers, Measuring Spoons, Candles, Feather Dusters.

Rolly Polly Man, by Suzette Wright, American Printing House for the Blind.
Contents Play Dough

Strega Nona, by Tommie de Paola, National Braille Press, (Print/Braille)
Contents Pasta, Pot with Lid, Bowl, Fork.

Suppertime with Frieda Fuzzypaws, by Cyndy Skekeus.
Contents Cookies, Plate, Cup, Pasta, Paper Crayon, Paper Cookie.

Teddy And The Mice, by Brain Ax, Terry's Friend's Series (Board Book).
Contents: Small Wagon or Dump Truck, Blocks, Mice, Nuts, Teddy Bear

The Foot Book, by Dr. Seuss, Random House.
Contents Slippers, Towels, Cotton Balls, Toy Clown, Big Shoes/Small Shoes.

The Gingerbread Man, A Pudgy Pals Board Book.
Contents Cookie, Cookie Cutter (Tin), Stuffed Fox, Cat, Cow

The Indoor Noisy Book, by M. W. Brown, Harper & Row.
Contents Household Objects That Make Sound: Broom, Spoons Clinking, Door Slamming, Eating Raw Carrots or Celery, Slurping Pudding, Footsteps, Telephone Ringing.

The Jacket I Wear In The Snow, by Shirely Nellzel, Scholastic Press.
Contents Red Wool Hat and Scarf, Zippered Jacket, Sweater, Boots, Long Underwear, Socks, Jeans.

The Little Engine That Could, by Watty Piper, Platt & Munk Publishers.
Contents Dolls, Balls, Toy Engine, Sailboats, Toy Animals, Clown

The Longest Noodle, by Suzette Wright, American Printing House for the Blind.
Contents Noodle, Fork, Shoelace, Jump Rope, Ribbon, Yarn.

The Runaway Bunny, by Margaret Wise Brown, Harper & Row.
Contents Toy Fish, Rock, Gardening Tools, Watering Can, Toy Bird, Sailboat, StuffedBunny, Carrot.

The Saucepan Game, by J. Ormerod., Lee & Shepard Books.
Contents Pan with a Lid, Stuffed Toy Cat.

The Sweet Smells of Christmas, by Patricia Scarry, (Scratch and sniff). Golden Press
Contents Cinnamon, Pine Cone, Candy Cane, Spirit of Peppermint, Ginger, Cocoa

The Three Little Kittens, by Kate Gleeson, Golden Books.
Contents (3) Stuffed Kittens, (3) Small Pie Tins, Soap, Mittens; Optional Clothes Line & Clips.

The Three Little Pigs, Golden Sound Story, Golden Press.
Contents Brick, Sticks, Hammer, Hat, Straw.

Underwear, by Mary Elise Monsell, National Braille Press, (Print/Braille)
Contents Different Kinds of Underwear, Slippers.

There are many kinds of books for young children with visual impairment. If you child has little or no functional vision, you may want to try a variety of approaches.

  • Make up stories. Keep it simple and use real objects that are familiar to your child.
  • Try homemade books. Use cardboard and glue, tie or velcro objects to the book. Scented items are always fun. Most children like stories about their own familiar routine, e.g. going to the store, taking a bath, eating a meal, etc.
  • For young children, choose predictable books with repetitive phrases.
  • Even young children enjoy poetry and rhymes.
  • Young children with short attention spans need short books.
  • Tactile Books ("Pat the Cat, The Touch Me Book, etc.) are both durable and portable.
  • Scratch and sniff books add an interesting dimension.
  • Books with auditory components can be made made accessible by adding a little texture here and there (try a little velcro where you need to press to activate).

Story Boxes are enjoyable to experience at all ages and can be adapted to the child's level. They provide a fine opportunity for concept development.

Sources of Print/Braille Books

American Brotherhood for the Blind
18440 Oxnard Street
Tarzan, CA 91358
Free lending library, including Twin Vision books, books are sent automatically, and not selected by the user.

American Printing House for the Blind
P.O. Box 6085,
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206-0085
Lists of print/braille books that are available.

National Braille Press
88 St. Stephen Street
Boston, MA 02115 
Print/braille books at same price as print edition. Children's Braille Book Club features a different print/braille book each month. Interest level of books: Preschool to Grade 3.

National Library Services
Division for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
1291 Taylor St., NW
Washington DC 20542
Print/braille, braille, and recorded books for leisure reading are lent directly or through state and local libraries. Catalogs available for selecting books.

Seedlings Braille Books for Children
P.O. Box 2395
Uvonia, Ml 48151-9395
Catalog of braille books for children and print/braille books for young children. affordable prices.

Widbey Island Braillists
45 East Henni Road
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
Print/braille books and braille books lent to blind children and to blind parent: of sighted children. Ages one year to beginning school age.