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Course Description:

Welcome to our iOS and VoiceOver Course. This distance learning course is recommended for students who are beginning users of VoiceOver on an iOS device (iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone). This course will review iOS concepts, introduce students to the primary gestures, keyboard commands, and braille display commands for accessing the iOS device, and provide opportunities to practice using the Settings, Safari, and Notes apps.


Learning Objectives:

Increase knowledge of basic iOS Device concepts and vocabulary (e.g., physical controls, apps, gestures, orientation). Increase ability to navigate an iOS Device using VoiceOver (e.g., navigating iOS Device, launching and using apps). Increase knowledge of iOS Device capabilities and usability (e.g., accessing VoiceOver settings, using the Rotor, pairing Bluetooth devices)


self paced | approximately 2 hours

Course Topics:

Basic iOS Device and VoiceOver concepts and vocabulary VoiceOver navigation 1 (navigating app icons, launching apps, today view, status bar, Dock) VoiceOver navigation 2 (app center, control center, notifications) VoiceOver navigation 3 (navigating Settings, using the Rotor, pairing Bluetooth devices) navigating Safari, taking notes)

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