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Washing and Drying Dishes

Washing Dishes

  1. Remove any excess food off plates, empty liquids and ice from glasses, store leftovers.
  2. Identify detergent
  3. Identify cloth.
  4. Plug drain.
  5. Use warm water, always turn cold on first and off last.
  6. Pour detergent into running water. Turn off when sink is half full.
  7. Clean drain board.
  8. Wash glasses, rinse.
  9. Wash plates, rinse.
  10. Wash forks, knives, spoons; rinse.
  11. Wash bowls and serving bowls, rinse.
  12. Wash pots while cooking utensils are soaking.
  13. Wash cooking utensils, rinse.
  14. Wash and dry table.
  15. Clean sink.
  16. Wash and dry counters.
  17. Dry and put away dishes.

Drying Dishes

  1. Get dishtowel.
  2. Dry from top of draining stack to bottom.
  3. Put dishes away in the proper storage area.