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Vacuum Cleaner

A damaged power cord could cause electrical shock and/or fire. To minimize this possibility, observe the following precautions:

  1. Do not run cleaner over power cord.
  2. Avoid closing doors on power cord, pulling it around sharp edges, or placing sharp-edged objects on it.
  3. Wind cord no tighter than necessary to retain it.
  4. When disconnecting power cord from electrical outlet, grasp the plug. Pulling it out by the cord itself can damage cord insulation and internal connections to plug. Also, avoid damage to insulation by keeping cord away from oil and heat.
  5. Whenever possible; plug the vacuum into a standard wall outlet. Use of an extension cord or light socket with inadequate current-carrying capacity could result in electric shock or fire hazard.
  6. Disconnect cleaner from electrical outlet before servicing, such as changing bags or belts. You could receive bodily injury from moving parts of machine should the switch accidentally be turned on.
  7. To avoid fire hazard, do not pick up matches, firewood ashes, or smoking material with cleaner. Check the area to be vacuumed for liquids, sharp objects, or burning substances before vacuuming.
  8. Store the vacuum cleaner indoors in a cool, dry area not exposed to the weather to avoid electrical shock and/or cleaner damage.
  9. The vacuum is designed to pick up dirt and dust particles. Avoid picking up hard or sharp objects with the cleaner to avoid bag breakage, hose clogging, or possible motor damage.

How To Use The Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet should be cleaned regularly over heavily traveled areas, and once a week over the entire carpet, covering small areas at a time.

The Dust Bag

The dust bag plays a very important role in the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner. The bag traps dirt and also allows air to pass through. Therefore, to keep the cleaner operating at maximum efficiency, change the dust bag frequently, and do not allow it to become full.