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Dusting Furniture


On tables where food is eaten, use a wet dishcloth; then dry with a dishtowel. Most furniture can be dusted thoroughly using only a damp cleaning cloth.

  1. Items on the table either need to be moved to the opposite side of the table or removed while dusting.
  2. Move left to right or right to left, cleaning vertically then horizontally.
  3. Start at the top and work down.
  4. Return objects moved to proper place.
  5. On chairs clean arms, between rungs, then legs, seat, and back. In other words: all surfaces.
  6. If an area has a lot of loose debris, hold a trashcan, dustpan or your hand under the front edge of the item to be cleaned; making sure it is in contact with the bottom edge of surface and pull the debris into the desired receptacle.