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Cleaning An Oven (With Oven Cleaner)

  1. Get supplies: gloves, a bucket, a metal scrubber, glass cleaner, paper towels, newspapers, 2 cleaning cloths, and an oven brick (which is a device used for cleaning ovens).
  2. Place newspapers on the floor and counters surrounding the stove.
  3. Open the oven door slightly; grab the door firmly on both sides and pull the door up slowly (if the door is removable). The door should come off of the brackets. Place the door on top of the newspapers on the counter. Make sure the inside of the door is facing up.
  4. Remove the racks from the inside of the oven and place them out of the way on top of some newspaper.
  5. Put on the rubber gloves.
  6. Following the manufacturer’s directions, apply oven cleaner to the inside surfaces of the oven and the inside of the door. Be sure to leave it on the surface for as long as the instructions say.
  7. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and put the scrubber and one cleaning cloth in the water.
  8. Starting with the roof, clean left to right, pulling forward. Rinse the cloth frequently. Then wipe in a left to right motion horizontally. Be careful when you are wiping near the heating elements.
  9. Do the left wall in the same manner as step # 8.
  10. Do the back wall, cleaning left to right vertically and then left to right horizontally.
  11. Do the right wall in the same manner as step # 8.
  12. Clean the bottom of the oven with same manner as step # 8.
  13. Clean the oven door, which should still be lying on the counter. Wipe in a left to right manner, cleaning vertically and then horizontally.
  14. Dry the oven and door with a clean cleaning cloth.
  15. Take oven racks and brick outside of the house. Scrub racks on both sides with the brick, and then rinse them off with the water hose. Wipe racks dry with the cleaning cloth.
  16. Replace oven racks.
  17. Replace door.
  18. Spray the outside of the oven door with glass cleaner and dry with paper towels.
  19. Return all cleaning supplies and throw away the newspaper.