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Cleaning A Toilet

Use a disinfectant spray cleaner and two cleaning cloths.

  1. Flush toilet.
  2. Spray the tank and wipe the top. Clean the front and sides of the tank starting at the top and working to the bottom. Dry.
  3. Spray both sides of the lid, wipe down. Dry.
  4. Spray both sides of the seat. Wipe down top. Lift seat. Dry under the seat.
  5. Spray rim. Wipe it down – not just the flat surface, but cup your hand over the rim. Run your hand around the top of the rim also.
  6. Pour disinfectant into bowl and clean inside of bowl with toilet brush.
  7. Flush a second time with brush in bowl to rinse the cleaner out of the brush.
  8. Tap brush handle lightly on rim to remove excess water.
  9. Store brush in brush holder.
  10. Spray outer surface of bowl down to the floor and wipe down. Give special attention to the little knobs and curves (urine will collect there).
  11. Spray floor around the toilet and behind it with disinfectant cleaner and clean with a clean cleaning cloth.