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Cleaning A Stove

Use glass cleaner and paper towels, or fill sink with dishwashing detergent, using dishcloth to clean and dish towels to dry.

  1. Start with hood. Remember to clean tiles or wall area between the hood and stove.
  2. Clean top edge of stove.
  3. Clean knob area.
  4. Take out burner eyes and drip pans. Take foil off over the sink or trashcan.
  5. Soak drip pans.
  6. Lift top of stove and prop it up.
  7. Clean flat surface under top: don’t forget the edges and the lip area under at the edge of top.
  8. Lower top.
  9. Clean outside of top. Pay attention to area covered by drip pan.
  10. Dry top.
  11. Wash and dry drip pans.
  12. Cover drip pans with foil or burner bibs.
  13. Replace drip pans and burner elements (eyes).
  14. Clean oven door and drawer.
  15. Make sure to clean top edge of oven door and drawer.
  16. Dry door and drawer.
  17. Check daily to make sure that there is no grease or grime build up, especially in the two-inch area between the edges of the door and rims of the burner eyes.