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Cleaning A Bathtub

  1. For the walls of the shower/tub: spray an all-purpose cleaner on the back wall opposite the faucet wall. Wipe horizontally in a left to right or right to left motion, then vertically. The starting point is where your normal reach is. Start at this point and work down to where tub and wall meet.
  2. On the wall that runs the length of the tub, section it into 3 or 4 manageable areas so you don’t get “lost” in the whole wall area. Make marker points (e.g. corner to 8th tile, or corner to soap dish), anything that will help you.
  3. Finish up with the wall where the faucets are located.
  4. Rinse the walls! Cleaning and not rinsing is like soaping up then getting out of the shower.
  5. Kneel at the center of the outside of the tub facing the wall side of the tub, this will allow for cleaning the entire tub without excessive stretching.
  6. Remove all items from tub, such as bath mats and brushes.
  7. Wet a sponge or scrubber and squeeze it out gently, without removing all the water.
  8. Spray all-purpose cleaner or sprinkle cleanser onto tub surfaces. The dirtiest section of the tub is the lower 2″ on all sides, the faucets, and around the soap dish areas. Use the non-dominant hand as a marker.
  9. Start at an orientation point (e.g. drain end of tub). Use circular motions vertically from top to bottom. Move guide hand sideways and repeat this process in each small section until circumference of tub has been cleaned.
  10. Clean the bottom section of the tub starting at the end opposite from the faucets.
  11. Use the same system of small circular motions sectioning the bottom horizontally. Repeat entire process until the faucet end has been reached.
  12. Rinse entire surface in order to remove excess cleaner.
  13. Check tactually to be sure cleaner is completely removed and grime isn’t felt. The surface feels smooth when clean.
  14. Wipe down the outside of the tub with damp cleaning cloth- then dry the outside only.
  15. Dry faucets with paper towel or cleaning cloth.