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Spring 1998 Table of Contents
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by Jean Robinson, VI Family Support Coordinator

The Josephine L. Taylor Institute took place just recently in Washington, D.C. The American Foundation for the Blind joined with the American Council of the Blind to provide this forum for education and rehabilitation professionals and parents to share common concerns, increase awareness of needs, and develop innovative strategies for positive changes. I was fortunate to attend this annual gathering in the company of two parents, Lars Anderson, NAPVI Representative for Region 5 (which includes Texas) and Geri Engle, the newly appointed Parent State Co-Coordinator for National Agenda in Texas. They, along with other consumers and professionals, had the "hands on" experience of visiting their legislators at Capitol Hill to share their issues concerning the education of children with visual impairments and the accessibility of services. Both of these parents, in order to fulfill their roles as your representatives, would like to hear from parents, so please contact them:

  • Lars Anderson
    2110 Holly Hill Ln., Carollton, TX 75007-2318
    Home - (972) 4246, Work - (972) 952-4958
    Email <>
  • Geri Engle
    P.O. Box 800541, Houston, TX 77280-0541,
    Home - (713) 464-1755

The conference theme of mobilizing specialized services through consumer-provider partnerships supports the goals of the National Agenda (see SEE/HEAR, Winter 1998 edition). AFB distributed an advance copy of "A Report to the Nation" which summarizes the current status of the National Agenda. This document consists of national data reports on each of the eight goals and state activity reports including surveys on class/caseload size, timeliness of referrals, and access to appropriate materials across the nation. It is interesting to find out what's going on in other states and compare to your own experience. The influence of parent/professional/consumer partnerships on policymakers and the general public is vital to the advancement of the priority goals of the National Agenda. A copy will be available from AFB Press (1-800-232-3044). Strategies to accomplish the goals of the National Agenda at local school-district levels are being developed and will be published in "A Call to Action." A session highlighting the National Agenda activities in Texas will be presented at the TAER conference and may be coming soon to the Educational Service Center near you.

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