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2018-2019 Health Center Letter to Parents


Dear Parents or Guardians,

This notice is to inform you that we plan to be as consistent as possible this year in following our Health Center procedures in the areas below related to medications and medical appointments, student illness, and hospitalization.

1. We are going to require that your child’s prescribed medications are returned to us every time your child is returning to school. If you bring your child to the weekends home stop or back to school without their prescribed medications, a nurse will determine if it is a critical medication for your child. If it is determined that it is a critical medication, your child will not be allowed to come back to school at that time. This is so that we can ensure that we have the medications to keep your child in good health and able to participate in their school program. In the event that this happens and you take your child home to obtain the medications, we will try to help you make arrangements to get your child back to school as soon as possible.


2. All prescription medicines must be brought to TSBVI in a properly labeled pharmacy bottle. A properly labeled pharmacy bottle cannot be altered in any way. We will not accept bottles that have writing on them or are expired.


3. Medication will only be given as prescribed by the health care provider. If any changes are made to this prescription, please have your health care provider fill out and sign a new written Provider’s Order form.


4. Any prescription labels that state, “use as directed” must include written clarification from a doctor/nurse practitioner explaining the dosage and frequency of administration.


5. All over-the-counter medications must have a written physician/provider order with student’s name, medication, dosage, time and method of administration and must be in the original container. We do have medications on our TSBVI Standing Orders list that can be given on an as needed basis to cover short term illness such as headaches, eye pain/dryness, muscle pain, stomach upset, allergy/cough, etc. If your child needs a medication from our standing orders for longer than 7 days, they will need a doctor’s order to continue the medication.


6. In the event your child runs out of a medication or refills for that medication, it will be your responsibility as the parent or guardian to get that medication refilled and back to TSBVI. In the event that your child runs out, we may be calling you and asking you to pick up your child or to not return the student to school until the medication has been refilled and we have it here at school.


7. We are asking that regular and routine medical /dental appointments be scheduled by parents or guardians in your child’s hometown. We will not be taking your child to a routine medical appointment.  We will continue as always to address emergency medical situations as needed.


8.If your child becomes ill while here at school, the Health Center will call to inform you. If the nurses feel that it will take more than 24 hours of care in the Health Center for your child to recover we will be asking you to come and take your child home. We do not have enough space to accommodate students who are ill for an extended period of time in the Health Center.


9. If your child has one of the following conditions, they may require additional paperwork called an “Emergency Action Plan”. These emergency plans must be filled out by the student’s primary doctor or specialist (allergist, neurologist, endocrinologist, etc.). Please call the Health Center if you have any questions about whether or not your child needs this completed prior to attending. The following medical conditions are as follows:


10. All and any medication prescribed by a health care provider for emergencies, must be properly labeled and not expired. Students that arrive without their prescribed emergency medications will not be allowed to register. If your child has an Emergency Action Plan, please provide this to the TSBVI Health Center. Some examples of emergency medications are as follows:

  • Seizure medications (e.g. Diastat, clonazepam, midazolam, lorazepam, etc.).

  • Solu-cortef/Dexamethasone

  • Inhalers (e.g. ProAir, Xopenex, etc.)

  • Epi-Pen

  • Glucagon

11. If your child becomes ill while here at TSBVI and it becomes necessary for him/her to be hospitalized, you are required to come to Austin as soon as possible so that you can manage and attend to your child’s care, communicate with medical providers and make decisions on behalf of your child. TSBVI is unable to assume this parental responsibility.  When your child is discharged or released from the hospital, a return to TSBVI will not be discussed until follow-up by the child’s primary care physician has been completed. Close monitoring and/or rest at home is often necessary following a hospitalization. TSBVI will require medical information and a doctor’s release prior to planning a return to school. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation! We are looking forward to a healthy and happy school year!

Feel free to call the Health Center with any questions and/or concerns.

Health Center Staff