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Raised line graph paper is available from APH (American Printing House for the Blind, Inc., 1839 Frankfort Avenue, P.O. Box 6085, Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085. Phone: 1-800-223-1839). If you had my packet, you could look at the APH Graph Sheets flyer. They have various sizes ranging in price at $10 per package of 50. You can get sheets measuring 8 1/2 x 11 inches or 11 1/2 x 11 inches. The squares range from 1/2 inch squares to 1-inch squares. Coordinate axes are represented as solid lines. The grid pattern consists of horizontal and vertical lines of small braille dots. I use their graph boards, so they may be better at advising you as to what will best suit your needs. Their graph boards (Graphic Aid for Mathematics) cost $110, so making your own board should be quite cost effective.

The Graphic Aid For Mathematics is excellent for graphing algebraic equations, but can be used in geometry, trig, etc. It consists of a cork composition board mounted with a rubber mat which has been embossed with a grid of 1/2 inch squares. My students use two rubber bands held down by thumbtacks for the x- and y- axes. Then points are plotted with push pins at the appropriate coordinates. Points are connected with rubber bands (for lines) or flat spring wires (for circles, ellipses, and arcs). Sighted math teachers can even interpret the student-made graphs correctly. You can also make your own rubber graph board by affixing a piece of raised line graph paper (also from APH) to a cork board and proceeding as outlined above.

Students may also wish to use a drawing board with rubber mat or old Sewell Raised Drawing Kit Board, Braille Compass from Howe Press, straight edge, plastic triangles, tracing wheel from the homemaking department, and a braille/print protractor* available from APH. Students can do all their own geometry constructions using these tools. Again, sighted math teachers can interpret these correctly.

*The Braille/Print Protractor is finally a reality. We decided this was a nicer name than "Adapted Goniometer." It comes complete with a teacher's guide written by me - furnished in both print and braille. The price is only $7.50 - quite a bargain for this little gem!

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