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  • Enlarge the figure to an appropriate size for the 11 X 11-1/2 page.
  • Trace on the back of the enlarged paper figure to reverse the image.
  • Trace enlarged (reversed) image on back of foil.
  • Draw the figure on foil in layers (symbols first then the braille dots, then different textured lines, and finally add the texture).
  • Burnish to define the lines and symbols.
  • Make air holes, one air hole per braille dot and three or four air holes around each symbol.
  • Thermoform the master and determine if more air holes are needed.

Source: American Foundation for the Blind Braille Literacy Mentors in Training: The Next Generation - Teaching Special Codes: Nemeth, CBC, and Tactile Graphics - Workshop in Fremont, California (August 7-9, 1997) and Atlanta, Georgia (September 11-13, 1997). Diane Spence and Susan A. Osterhaus