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 Adapted from:

Cowan, C. & Shepler, R. (2000). Activities and games for teaching children to use monocular telescopes. In F. M. D’Andrea and C. Farrenkopf (Eds.) Looking to Learn: Promoting Literacy for Students with Low Vision (pp. 137-161). New York, AFB Press.


Goal: The student will demonstrate skills for monocular telescope maintenance.

Objective:  The student will:

  1. hold the device properly.
  2. communicate the purpose of the device.
  3. clean the device appropriately.
  4. assume responsibility for the device.
  5. store the device in a convenient location for quick retrieval.
  6. initiate use of the device.

Goal: The student will demonstrate skills for the use of a monocular telescope.

Objective:  The student will:

  1. position self for optimal viewing.
  2. scan the environment and locate stationary objects without the telescope.
  3. locate stationary objects with the telescope.
  4. focus on a stationary object.
  5. identify objects with device.
  6. identify pictures with the device (e.g., line drawings, photos).
  7. scan on a horizontal plane, using landmarks to find stationary objects.
  8. adjust the focus for objects at varying distances.
  9. copy familiar symbols.
  10.  remember and copy up to 5 words per glance through the telescope.
  11. scan with the device to locate sings/symbols/objects in a variety of planes.
  12. track movement at a consistent focal distance.
  13. develop a systematic scanning technique to locate a moving object by incorporating landmarks when available