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Activity A: Video Observation of Communicative Behaviors - Instructor Guidelines

The purpose of this activity is for participants to identify communicative behaviors of an infant with a visual impairment and his mother.

Time needed. 30 minutes

Materials.  Video clip CL 2-03, “Mother-Infant Communication”; “Communication Chart”


  1. Have participants watch video clip CL 2-03. As they watch the clip, they should identify communicative exchanges between the child and the parents or teachers of children with visual impairments.
  2. Participants should complete the “Communication Chart,” identifying the exchanges observed.
  3. After participants watch the video clip and complete the chart, have them answer the questions listed below in writing.
      1. What was the primary means of communication used by the parent or TVI?
      2. What was the primary means of communication used by the child?
      3. How did the parents or TVI encourage the child to communicate?
      4. What impact did the child’s visual impairment have on communication?
      5. What adaptations in communication were observed to encourage communication between the child and parents or TVI?
  4. After completing the written assignment, participants should be prepared to share and discuss their observations with other participants in class or via an online discussion.

Communication Chart

Name_________________________________  Date____________________


Who communicated?

How did he/she communicate?

Who responded?

How did he/she respond?