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Why did the policies change?

               The line item Federal budget appropriation for Quota Funds through the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) was decreased.  Therefore, the per/student allocation is less across the country.  Also, the technology now available from this source is very expensive and depletes the budget quickly.

 Which students are included in a district’s budget?

            All students included on the district’s VI Registration in January 2015 are included.

Why are 504 students included since they aren't special education students? 

               The monies from the Quota Fund are not special education funds.  They are a separate budget item.  The 504 students registered in your district are counted for funding in the same way special education students are counted. APH included these students 3 years ago, and we follow their direction.

What if I don’t have enough money in my APH account for what I need? 

               The APH Quota account has always been a supplemental fund, not intended to supplant district funds.  Other funds can be used to purchase materials, including but not limited to district assistive technology funds, State Supplemental Services for Students with Visual Impairments (SSVI), and Instructional materials allotment funds (IMA).  APH accepts cash and credit cards and purchase orders and accepts combination of fund sources. 

Will districts receive a credit for materials they return?

No.  Those materials have been paid for from Quota funds, and at this time we have no funding to pay for their return.  Returning unneeded items does, however, dramatically extend the number of items that are available for all students and lessen our dependence on the limited Quota funds.  This year we have shipped over 168 items from the warehouse that didn't cost us any Quota funds!

 Will money we don’t spend be carried over to the next year? 

No, however, money not spent by a district by Sept. 1 will return into the state APH budget.  This will allow us to stock up on frequently requested items in the warehouse, and prepare for your orders from the next year's funds.

What if I get a new student and don’t have the specialized supplies needed? 

               Call Sue Enoch at 512-206-9270.  We’ll work with you to help students get necessary instructional materials.