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A teacher writes: I was clearing up some way back email messages and found a reference to glitter crayons. Does anyone know where to buy them or the brand? The only thing close to them that I have found was glitter glue and glitter markers. However since these take a while to dry, they aren't appropriate for a preschooler to touch right away. What I want is something for a preschool child to use to make a tactile mark on a paper. I don't want to use anything electronic. Any suggestions.

Responses from the field:

Try the Crayola website  - 


There is a new product just released called Woolley Pens. They dispense wool or yarn onto a pad with a high contrast surface. You can cut the wool or pull it off and re-wind to make another drawing. They cost around $50 for a set.

In the United States Wolley pens can be purchased from AccessAbility, Inc. The address is 320 Clement Street, San Fransisco, Ca 94118. The phone number is 888-322-7200. The wolley pens are a great creation and I hope you all get to see them in action soon.

Woolly pens are made by Quantum  
Quantum's address is 
P.O. Box 390 
Rydalmere, New South Wales 
Australia 2116


Put a screen board under the piece of paper. When the child makes a mark with the crayon, the texture of the screen comes through, and the child can feel the crayon mark. It's easy to make a screen board (use duct tape to securely fasten a piece of window screen to sturdy cardboard is the short version) but I know that APH makes (used to make???) a plastic textured sheet that could be used the same way.

The above information was gleaned from the AER listserv and edited by Jim Allan, with thanks to the authors Chris, Lyn, Tim, Frances Mary, and Janice.