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Abstract: this article describes a new website from National Federation of the Blind that describes personal accounts of the various types of employment where individuals who are blind are currently working.

Key Words: blind, visually impaired, National Federation of the Blind, NFB, employment

What kind of work are blind people doing? How do they do it? Why should employers hire a blind person? What careers are YOU interested in pursuing?

Blind people are working in a wide variety of jobs doing work that people mistakenly believe require sight. Blind students are often “tracked” into certain fields, whether they are interested in them or not. Within these pages, you will find written personal accounts of the various types of employment that the blind are engaged in, how they do it, how does a person enter the field, and what positive influences helped the person to achieve their goal.

In these pages, Where the Blind Work, you can learn more about blind people who are working in the fields of administrative and office, business/ entrepreneurial, computer, customer service, education, financial, government, human services, law enforcement, legal, media/marketing/public relations, medical and other vocational careers.

If you are blind, you can share your experience with others by filling out the Where the Blind Work Questionnaire. In these pages, NFB wants to collect as many employment descriptions as possible--a wide range of jobs and multiple examples of each. Thus, you may fill out a form for any or all the jobs you have ever worked.