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By Kayleigh Joiner, Student, Pearland, TX

Abstract:  In this article, Kayleigh Joiner describes her experience in the college preparatory class at TSBVI.

Key Words:  blind, visual impairment, disability, college preparation, TSBVI, short-term programs


Hello, my name is Kayleigh Joiner. I am a junior in high school in Pearland, Texas, where I participate in some advanced placement classes.  This fall I attended the five-day college prep class in the Short-Term Programs at TSBVI. Before I came to the class, I was very nervous about the whole college experience. I knew nothing about what to expect in college. While I attended the class I learned about the different organizations and agencies that are out there to help blind and visually impaired students. I also learned about the offices for students with disabilities and what they can help you with in college. My mind was opened up to what college life is like by getting to talk with college students, some with disabilities. We got a chance to explore some online sites that had different things like applications for colleges (with due dates) and technology available for the blind and visually impaired.

We got a chance to tour three very different college campuses. We got to tour the University of Texas in Austin, Houston-Tillotson (a private college), and Austin Community College. We got a chance to talk with their office for students with disabilities people and find out what they could help with. Touring these campuses gave me a better idea of what type of college I want to attend.

Although I missed a week of school to attend this class, I looked at it as giving me knowledge about my future and that is extremely important. The workload was huge, but the payoff is great. This class has helped broaden my knowledge of college and helped decrease a little of my nervousness about it. I would recommend this class to all students that are considering attending college. You won’t regret it!

Editor’s note:  Short-Term Programs offer an array of classes for academic students throughout the school year.  The classes range from 3 to 5 days in length and address a wide range of topics related to the Expanded Core Curriculum for academic students with visual disabilities.  For more information about our programs, go to: <>.