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Spring/ Summer 2008 Table of Contents
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Excerpt from Autism Asperger Publishing Company website on A “Stranger” Among Us, by Lisa Lieberman

Abstract: This is an announcement for a book on how to find a one-to-one provider for a child or young adult with disabilities.

Key Words: blindness, visual impairment, disability, Lisa Lieberman, A “Stranger” Among Us, child care

Hiring one-to-one providers to support your child is not work for the faint of heart, but finding the right person is worth every bit of effort involved. And A “Stranger” Among Us shows you how. Based on years of personal experience, research, and interviews with parents and providers, Lisa Lieberman has written a one-of-a-kind book that demystifies what could otherwise be an overwhelming task - finding the best one-to-one support for a child or young adult with disabilities.

Using examples, checklists, and sample questions, Lieberman creates a framework from which a family can assess its needs and core values before moving forward with the recruitment, hiring, training, supervision, and retention of quality one-to-one support and respite care that best fits its needs. Obtaining care for loved ones is a critical process, and “Stranger” covers a complex topic with sensitivity and understanding.

For more information about the book, A “Stranger” Among Us, by Lisa Lieberman, visit .