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By Charles Young, President, The Hadley School for the Blind

Abstract: this article describes distance education courses available through the partnership between DARS and the Hadley School for the Blind.

Key Words: blind, visually impaired, deafblind, DARS, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services, Hadley School for the Blind, distance education

Thanks to a new partnership, The Hadley School for the Blind and the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services are pleased to offer distance education courses at no cost to individuals who are blind or visually impaired, their families and Texas service providers.

Celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, The Hadley School for the Blind provides more than 100 courses in accessible formats including braille, large print and audio. Many of the courses are also available online. Hadley’s curriculum is focused in four program areas: Adult Continuing Education, Family Education, High School and Professional Studies. Courses range from independent living skills to finding employment to academics and recreational activities.

Hadley provides award-winning braille instruction too, including 10 braille reading and writing courses for visually impaired students and three braille courses for parents and sighted professionals. In addition, Hadley offers a high school diploma program to qualified students and can help high school students transfer credits to their local school district for graduation. Hadley also offers free webinars called Seminars@Hadley. These popular online discussions provide “just in time” training and cover the most current topics such as GPS travel, self-employment, new technology and more.

Billy Brookshire, a longtime trainer for DARS, is the Hadley representative in Texas. He will be managing this exciting new initiative to benefit Texans concerned with visual impairment and blindness. For more information about The Hadley School for the Blind, visit <>, call 800-323-4238, or send a question by email to: < >.