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Summer 2009 Table of Contents
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by Chotu Sharma

Reprinted with permission from Chotu Sharma’s business brochure

Abstract: This article provides a resource for custom-made schedule boxes and information about the woodworker.

Key Words: blind, visually impaired, schedule boxes, Chotu Sharma,

If you would like custom-made schedule boxes, Chotu Sharma is your go-to guy! He makes boxes with one, two, three or four compartments in a variety of sizes.

He accepts orders for painted or unfinished boxes. He will also create a box to your specifications.

Standard four-compartment boxes come in bright white, kettle black or sunny yellow. All boxes are made from aspen, poplar, or pine. The sizes are:

  • Small: 14.5-inches long, 3.5-inches high, 4-inches deep, with 3-inch wide compartments
  • Medium: 18.5-inches long, 5.5-inches high, 6-inches deep, with 4-inch wide compartments
  • Large: 24-inches long, 5.5-inches high, 6-inches deep, 5.5-inch wide compartments.

Cloth compartment covers are available in black or white. These are attached with Velcro at the back of the box.

Shorter schedule boxes, with one, two or three compartments each, are also available. These are constructed with 3-inch, 4-inch or 5.5-inch compartment widths.

Chotu attended elementary school in upstate New York and middle school at Texas School for the Deaf. For most of his high school years, he was a homebound student in the Austin Independent School District; it was during these years that he developed an interest in woodworking. He graduated from AISD in August, 2007.

Chotu has always loved to work. He has been supported in his woodworking by Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, his family, and several dynamic, dedicated, and caring teachers. He currently works with a job coach on a regular basis. Chotu is very proud of his boxes and excited to be selling them to people who appreciate and enjoy using them.

Chotu lives in Austin, Texas with his parents and his dog, Saffron. His grandparents from India visit often and reside with them for long periods. In addition to boxmaking and all kinds of household jobs, Chotu enjoys people, community trips, shopping, holidays and celebrations, taking pictures, puzzles, cycling, and movies.

To order any schedule box and to obtain a price list and shipping estimate, contact Chotu at or (512) 407-9188. Chotu works from a schedule of orders set up by date of receipt; new orders will be completed after November 1, 2009. September marks the start of Chotu’s third year of business.