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Low Vision Conference 2024: Access, Collaboration, and Empowerment (ACE It!)

Event Schedule
Date Time Location
May. 10, 2024 8:30am-3:30pm Region 13 Education Service Center (5701 Springdale Rd. Austin, TX)

Join us for an engaging in-person conference where we delve into the challenges and triumphs of ensuring quality access in both instructional and ECC settings for students with low vision. In a world where the deck might seem stacked against these learners, presenters explore innovative strategies and solutions for access needs. Join us to find that winning hand in supporting access across environments for our students with low vision.

Participants will:
1. Learn how to build rapport with your students with low vision as a strategy to increase their motivation and empowerment.
2. Explore methods for increasing participation through access strategies in school, home, and community for students with low vision.
3. Engage in activities designed to enrich the understanding of collaborative consultation: what it means, how it contributes to the student’s program, and how it is accounted for on the IEP.

Registration Fees:
• Professionals & Out of State Professionals – $60.00
• Paraprofessionals & University Students – $25.00
• Family Members – $25.00