Discovering the Future: Transition from School to Adult Life for Students with Visual and Multiple Disabilities, and those who are Deafblind

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Event Schedule
Date Location
Apr. 12, 2024 Holiday Inn Austin Midtown
Apr. 13, 2024 Holiday Inn Austin Midtown
Apr. 14, 2024 Holiday Inn Austin Midtown

This weekend workshop will help families of students with visual and multiple impairments, and those who are Deafblind, gain new ideas about making plans for their family members’ adult life after graduation. The targeted audience is families of middle school, high school and students in a district’s 18 + program who will need long-term services and supports in the community, and for whom traditional paths to college and career may not seem like the best fit.

Please join us to learn more about innovative strategies for planning and executing a person-centered transition plan for your family member. Information about resources will be shared, and you will have an opportunity to learn from each other about supporting a personally meaningful adult life in the community.

This event will be highly interactive and is designed to help families discover possibilities for adult life. The focus on helping the parents or caregivers envision successful outcomes for their children or young adults provides a first step toward rich and rewarding lives after graduation. Participants will learn about finding and advocating for the tools and resources they need to navigate along the way and reach their individual destinations.

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The target audience for this event is adult family members of students who will need significant, life-long support. Professionals who work with a participating family’s student, or who have a particular interest in transition planning for these students, may contact us regarding attending the event.

Family Members and Professionals:
• $50.00 per person for the Early Bird rate- cut off April 1st
• $60.00 per person for regular registration