Welcome to TSBVI’s Fine Arts Department Theater section! Our theater class focuses on acting techniques, developing characters, improvisation, and the technical aspects of theater. This is a safe place to take risks, make discoveries, and have fun!

Welcome to the Theater Department

To the theater!

Where we…

  • Learn acting techniques, stage directions, and theater terms
  • Play, learn, and teach improv or theater games
  • Create, take risks, and encourage one another

The Basics…

We emphasize the importance of

  • Projection
  • Annunciation
  • Memorization
  • Stage Directions
  • And more…

Monologues, Duets, and More…

Theater students…

  • Choose monologues and duets to perform
  • Learn about building a characters and taking direction
  • Explore relationships and expressing emotions to make the characters and scenes authentic

Improv to Improve

We have fun…

  • Playing improv games to get out of comfort zones
  • Create scenes, characters, and stories through improvisation
  • Improve skills through game play
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