Our multimedia artwork informs and entertains by reflecting our experiences as curious human beings who desire open communication with those around us.

TSBVI ART Mission Statement

The TSBVI Art Department intends to inform and entertain the public through artwork. Our multimedia artwork reflects our experiences in the world as curious, expressive human beings who desire open communication with those around us.

The struggles that visually impaired artists face are essentially the same as those faced by any artist. 

Questions about concept, color, space, and structure have to be asked and then answered. A crucial difference is that artists who speak from the experience of the visually impaired are rare, which makes their perspective a precious one.

All artists have a point of view, so my challenge is to help my students express their point of view through art. So much of art addresses the Expanded Core Curriculum such as self-determination which includes choice-making, decision-making, problem-solving, personal advocacy, assertiveness, and goal setting.

I want the students to understand that there are many choices and to honor their personal choices for their art. We start by talking about art and what it means to our culture. If all voices are not heard then our culture is not fully represented.

That is why it’s important that they find a way to express their point of view. It is important. If the student can think of it then we can make it. I want them to understand that there isn’t anything that they can’t do.

Part of discovering what you enjoy is trying out as many things as possible so in art we explore:

  • ceramics
  • paper mache
  • sewing
  • weaving
  • drawing
  • painting
  • all manner of fiber arts and sculpture making
  • movie making
  • stop motion animation, etc.

We talk about perfection being the killer of amazing ideas, mistakes mean that we learn and quite often the imperfect makes beautiful art. Art that shows the human spirit.

Gretchen Bettes standing in front of a wall with three pieces of art

Gretchen Bettes

Art Teacher
A pair of hands using braille to read
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