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This year I had a blind student in kindergarten. One of the table jobs the class did each week was cut out pictures of objects beginning with the letter of the week and paste it on a page for an alphabet book. I developed a list of real objects, small and flat enough to be pasted in a book, for my student to use.

Each week he would cut out his real object and paste it onto a piece of braille paper. At the end of the year, I put the pages in a large-ring binder. It was a wonderful book for him.

As an outgrowth of that list, I expanded to a listing of real objects that would fit in a manipulative tub. From there, I added body parts, actions, animals, concepts of position, foods and things (too big for a book or tub). Terri Bohling - 

Download Alphabet chart in RTF (465k)

Alphabet Book Objects, Manipulatives and Other Things
LetterObject BookManipulative TubDemonstrate
        Body PartActionAnimalPositionConceptFoodThing
A Aluminum Abacus Apricot Arm   Ant     Apricot Ashes Airplane
Arrow Acorn Apple Ankle         Asparagus Ax April
  Airplane Asparagus           Apple August  
B Bean Book Bowl   Bow (motion) Bird       Boat Bread
Bag Ball Box     Butterfly       Beard Brick
Bandaid Banana Bow (tie)     Bat       Bike Brush
Barrette Basket Bone     Bear          
Book Bell Block     Bugs          
Button Berry Beanbag                
C Comb Candle Can   Crawl Cricket   Corner Cake Clock  
Cotton ball Cassette Candy   Cry Cat       Computer  
Candle (b-day) Camera Cap   Cut Cow       Compact disc  
Cardboard Clay Car   Clap         Cover  
Crayon Cookie Corn   Cough         Claw  
  Crown Cup             Calendar  
D Dot Dice Dinosaur   Draw Deer       Door Drag
Diamond (shape) Dog collar Dollar   Drink Dog       Day Drawer
  Dress Daisy   Drop Dolphin       Desk Drip
  Doll     Dig Donkey       Dirt Drill
          Duck       Drum December
E Envelope Egg   Ear Exercise Eagle   Edge Egg    
Eggshells     Elbow Echo  Eat Elephant          
8     Eye Empty            
F Feather Film Flag Face Fall Fish Front Flat Flour Family February
Fork Flashlight Flower Foot Fast Fly   Full Food Fat Friday
4 Football Frame Finger Find Frog       Farm  
5 Fur   Fist Fill Fox       Field  
      Fingernail Fold         Fire  
        Fly         Floor  
        Float         Fence  
        Follow         Fence  
        Freeze         Freeze  
G Gum Gift Glue   Gallop Goose       Game Ground
Glasses Glove Grape   Giggle Goat       Garage Guitar
Glove Grapefruit     Give         Gate Grass
                  Girl Garden
H Hair Hammer Hat Hand Hang Hen High Half Hamburger Hall Hole
Heart Helicopter Helmet Head Hear Hippo   Hard Honey Handle Hill
Hanger Horn   Heel Hide Horse   Heavy   Happy Helicopter
      Hip Hurry         Heat  
I In Ivy Iris Iris Imitate Iguana Inside Inch Ice Cream Ink Incline
Ivy       Imagine Insect   Inside   Iron Ivory
Inch       Inhale         Infant  
        Itch         Indian  
J Jellybean Jar Jacket Jaw Jog       Jam Jeans  
        Jump       Jelly January  
        Jerk       Jellybean June  
        Join         July  
K Key Kernel     Kick Kangaroo     Ketchup Kite  
        Kiss Kitten     Kiwi Kindergarten  
          Koala       Kitchen  
L Lace Lock Lime Leg Laugh Lamb Layer Large Licorice Love Lump
Leather Leash Lollipop Lip Lay Ladybug Left Loud Lemon Ladder Lullaby
Lavender Licorice Lily Lap Lead Leopard Line Light Lettuce Lake Lens
Leaf Lemon Lilac   Listen Lion Last Little Lime Lamp Ledge
  Lettuce     Lean Lizard   Long Lollipop Lid Lunch
        Leave Llama   Loose Lunch Lawn Library
        Lick     Less   Leaf Letter
        Lie     Little   Loaf  
M Macaroni Magnet Mouth Muscle Measure Monkey Middle Many Milk Melt  
Match Marble Mask   Mix Mouse   Most Marmalade Metal  
Marshmallow Magazine Mail   Move Moose   Much Melon Model Mustache
Mitten Marigold Moccasin   March Mosquito     Mint Month Map
  Mint Mug   Mash Mule     Muffin Mud Monday
    Mustard     Mole     Mustard Music Mat
                  March May
N Nail Newspaper Nut Neck Nod Nest Next Narrow Nut Name New
Needle Net Nylons Nose Noisy   Near None Nutmeg Night No
Name Badge 9   Navel Nap         November  
Noodle     Nostril Nibble            
O Oval Overalls       Octopus Over Open Omelet Oil October
Oatmeal Oak leave       Ostrich Out Other Onion Office Old
          Otter   Off Orange Opera Outdoors
          Owl   On Oatmeal Organ Outline
          Orangutan   Old   Oak tree Oven
          Opossum   One   Orchid  
          Ox   Only      
P Pebble Paper Plate Palm Pass Panda   Pair Peach Page Pants
Pen Pocket Puppet   Pat Parrot   Pile Pancake Paint Pajamas
Pin Purse Puzzle   Peel Peacock     Pea Pan Petal
Paper Powder Pipe   Pet Penguin     Peanut Picture Plant
Paintbrush Plug     Pick Pig     Pepper Poem Pot
Paperclip       Play Polar Bear     Pie Parachute Pattern
Patch       Please Pony     Pizza Pedal Piano
Peg       Point Puppy     Popcorn Pillow Playground
Pencil       Pull Parakeet     Potato Pole Powder
Penny       Press Paw     Pudding Pansy Petal
Postcard       Push       Pumpkin Pipe Police
Putty       Pour       Pickle Pulse  
        Pump       Prune    
Q Quarter Quilt     Quiet Quail       Quack  
        Quick         Question  
R Rectangle Radio     Race Rabbit Right Rough Radish Refrigerator Rain
Ribbon Ring     Raise Rat   Round Raisin Rake Road
Rice Rope     Run Reindeer   Row Raspberry Robot Rhyme
Rock Ruler     Reach Reptile     Rhubarb Room Rose
Ruler Rattle     Read Rhino       Rubber Rug
Ring Racket     Rest Robin       Ramp Razor
Rubber Band Rose     Ride Rooster       Recess Recipe
        Roar Raccoon          
        Roll Ram          
S Seed Saucer     Swallow Seal Second Sharp Salad    
Shell Scarf   Shoulder Sit   Say Shark Side Short Salt Sail School
Soap Scissors   Skin Skip  Sew Sheep   Shut Sandwich Shelf Sand
Spoon Shoe   Skull Scratch Snail   Slow Soup Screen Shirt
Star Sock     Scream Snake   Small Spaghetti Scale Season
Square       Search Spider   Smooth Snickerdoodles Sign Seat
Stick       Shake Sweep Squirrel   Soft Squash Seesaw Sink
Straw       Share  Sort Swan   Square Sour Shade Sheet
String       Shout  Sing     Straight   Skirt Shower
6       Sleep  Spill         Slice Song
7       Slide  Smell         Sour Stairs
        Smash         Step Statue
        Smile  Spin         Stem Store
        Sneeze         Story Stove
        Splash         Street Student
        Squash         Summer Sum
        Squeeze         Sunshine Sweater
        Stand         Sweat Saturday
        Statue-game         September Sunday
        Stay  Swing            
        Stop  Stretch            
T Triangle Tongs Train Teeth Talk  Tap Tail Third Tall Tomato Table Teacher
Tissue Tweezers Timer Tears Tear  Tie Tiger Through Thin Tangerine Television Temperature
Terri Telephone Thread Thumb Tired Toad Toward Tiny   Thirsty Time
2 Towel Toy Toe Trip  Taste Turtle   Top   Tent Tire
10 Tub Tube Tongue Tiptoe     Thick   Tree Trumpet
Tape T-shirt Tennis ball   Turn  Twist     Tight   Trunk Teepee
Twig Tape recorder Tie   Taste     Together   Tower Tuesday
  Tissue     Throw         Thursday  
U Umbrella Umbrella Undress     Unicorn Under     Unhappy Uncomfortable
Under   Undo       Up     Underground United States
    Unfold       Upside down        
V Valentine Vase Video                
Velvet Vine Visor           Vanilla Volume (sound) Vending Machine
Velcro Veil Vest           Vegetable VCR     Van Violin
                Vinegar Violet Vacation
                  Vitamin Vacuum cleaner
W Wax Wool Web Waist Wait  Wrap Whale   Wet Waffle Wagon Warm
Wire Wallet Whistle   Wake Wolf   Wide Walnut Wall Water
Watch Walnut     Whisper Worm   Whole Watermelon Weather Week
        Wave  Wind Weasel     Wheat Wheel Wheelbarrow
        Wash  Walk Whisker       Win Wind
        Weigh Wing       Wish Window
        Whistle Woodpecker       Wing Wood
        Write         Winter Wednesday
X   Xylophone               Xerox X-ray
Y Yarn Yardstick Yo-yo   Yawn Yak   Yesterday Yolk Yellow Yes
        Yell     Yard Yeast You Year
        Yodel       Yogurt    
Z Zipper       Zip Zebra   Zero Zucchini Zinnia  
Zigzag       Zoom