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With Board approval, TSBVI shall develop or purchase examinations for acceleration that thoroughly test the essential knowledge and skills for each primary school grade level and for credit for secondary school academic subjects.


The School shall give a student in grades 6-12 credit for an academic subject in which the student has received no prior instruction if the student scores: 9

  1. A three or higher on a College Board advanced placement examination that has been approved by the board for the applicable course;
  2. A scaled score of 50 or higher on an examination administered through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and approved by the Board for the applicable course; or
  3. Eighty percent or above on any other criterion-referenced test approved by the Board for the applicable course.

If a student is given credit in a subject on the basis of an examination on which the student scored 80 percent or higher, TSBVI shall enter the examination score on the student’s transcript and the student is not required to take an end-of-course (EOC) assessment instrument under Education Code 39.023(c) for the course.

board-approved examinations

The Board shall approve for each high school course, to the extent available, at least four examinations that shall include College Board advanced placement examinations and examinations administered through CLEP.

The examinations may be developed by Texas Tech University, The University of Texas at Austin, TSBVI, or another entity.

If using a TSBVI-developed examination or an examination developed by another entity, prior to the first administration, TSBVI must certify that the examination:

  1. Covers all assessable Texas essential knowledge and skills for the course;
  2. Has not been published and is not publicly available;
  3. Will only be administered in a secure environment under standardized conditions by a school district or institution of higher education;
  4. Has been externally validated;
  5. Is equivalent to state level EOC assessment instruments in terms of content coverage, item difficulty, and technical quality;
  6. Yields comparable results for all subgroups; and
  7. If for a course that has a state level EOC assessment instrument, is validated against the applicable EOC assessment. For a course that is validated for the purpose, the School must make public:
    1. The test development process; and
    2. The result of the validation efforts.

TSBVI-developed examinations for courses that do not have an EOC assessment shall meet all validation requirements at items 1-7 above no later than the 2018-19 school year for examinations offered for credit.

Examinations developed by Texas Tech University and The University of Texas at Austin for courses that do not have a state EOC assessment shall meet all requirements at items 1-7 above not later than the 2018-19 school year for each of its examinations offered for credit.

An EOC assessment administered under Education Code 39.023(c) cannot be used for purposes of credit by examination.


TSBVI shall provide at least four days annually in the fall and spring semesters when examinations for acceleration shall be administered in grades 6 through 12. The days need not be consecutive but shall be designed to meet the needs of all students.

The School may allow a student to accelerate by developing a cost-free option approved by the Board that allows students to demonstrate academic achievement or proficiency in a subject or grade level.

Students Who Are Homeless Or In Substitute Care

TSBVI shall provide opportunities for a student who is homeless or in substitute care who transfers to TSBVI after the start of the school year to be administered credit by examination at any point during the school year.

limitations on taking examinations

A student may not attempt to earn credit by examination for a specific high school course more than two times.

If a student fails to earn credit by examination for a specific high school course before the beginning of the school year in which the student would ordinarily be required to enroll in that course in accordance with the school’s prescribed course sequence, the student must satisfactorily complete the course to receive credit for the course.


TSBVI shall not charge for examinations for acceleration. If a parent requests an alternative examination, the School may administer and recognize results of a test purchased by the parent or student from Texas Tech University or the University of Texas at Austin.

Education Code 28.023; 19 TAC 74.24, 101.3021(c)

Adopted:         4/1/05

Amended:       4/5/13, 8/9/18