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Adopted: 7/12/85
Amended: 10/25/85, 7/16/92, 9/24/93


The Board permits the School to grant credit by examination in accord with the following: 

1. Eligibility requirements for students seeking credit by examination: The School may use screening procedures to determine which students may use credit by examination.

2. Courses for which credit may be earned by examination: The School may place restrictions on the total amount of credit awarded through credit by examination.

3. Procedures for examinations for credit: A student's ARD committee shall make such decisions within the IEP procedures enacted by the School.


A student may earn credit by examination,as authorized by an ARD committee, when unusual and extenuating circumstances indicate that it is in the best interests of the student to do so. Such circumstances may include, but would not be limited to, a student not being enrolled for an entire grading period. (See EI)

Courses for which credit may be earned by examination shall include all courses taught at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Students in grades 7-12 (and grade 6, when included at the middle school) may be permitted to earn credit in courses approved by the Board. The minimum eligibility requirement is that the student has had prior formal instruction, as determined by the School on the basis of a review of the student's educational records.


The program principal shall arrange for an appropriate examination in conjunction with the subject matter teacher. Such examinations must determine whether or not the student has mastered the essential elements of the course for which credit will be given as specified in 19 TAC 75. The program principal shall ensure that the passing grade for the examination for credit is not lower than required for the same course for other students, and that examinations for credit are properly evaluated before credit is granted.


Examinations used to earn credit under this policy shall assess the student's mastery of the essential elements and shall be properly evaluated before credit is granted. The School may develop the examinations or may obtain them from another source. The examinations may be administered by an outside agency.


Students shall attain a grade of at least 70 or above in order to receive credit. The grant of credit is also subject to School and parental approval. Credit obtained by this method shall be recorded on the permanent record for grades 6-8 and on the academic achievement record for grades 9-12.


Credit by examination shall not be used to gain eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities.


The School shall give reasonable notice of the availability of credit by examination in student handbooks and other documents made available to students and parents; the School may charge for these examinations at a rate not to exceed a limit set by the commissioner of education.

19 TAC 75.166

Adopted: 7/12/85
Amended: 10/25/85, 7/16/92, 9/24/93