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With Board approval, the School shall develop or purchase examinations for acceleration that thoroughly test the essential knowledge and skills for each primary school grade level and for credit for secondary school academic subjects.


The School shall develop procedures for kindergarten acceleration that are approved by the Board.

The School shall accelerate a student in grades 1-5 one grade level if the student meets the following requirements:

  1. The student scores 90 percent or above on a criterion-referenced test for the grade level to be skipped in each of the following areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies;
  2. A School representative recommends that the student be accelerated; and
  3. The student's parent or guardian gives written approval of the acceleration.


The School shall give a student in grades 6-12 credit for an academic subject in which the student has received no prior instruction if the student scores 90 percent or above on a criterion-referenced examination for acceleration for the applicable course. If such credit is given, the School shall enter the examination score on the student's transcript.


The School shall provide at least three days between January 1 and June 30 and three days between July 1 and December 31 annually when examinations for acceleration shall be administered in grades 1 through 12. The days need not be consecutive but shall be designed to meet the needs of all students.

The School may allow a student to accelerate at a time other than those described above by developing a cost-free option approved by the Board that allows students to demonstrate academic achievement or proficiency in a subject or grade level.


The School shall not charge for examinations for acceleration. If a parent requests an alternative examination, the School may administer and recognize results of a test purchased by the parent or student from Texas Tech University or the University of Texas at Austin. Education Code 28.023; 19 TAC 74.24

Adopted: 4/1/05